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About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the Eco/Adventure Tourism capital of the hemisphere. A recurring figure in the office day-dreams of travelers world-wide, Costa Rica calls visitors from around the world. Many of these modern explorers are happy to travel for days to reach this tiny jewel of Adventure and Eco Tourism. We are lucky that a world class destination is only hours from here.  Costa Ricans (or Ticos, as Costa Ricans refer to themselves) are some of the friendliest people you'll ever encounter. In part, their hospitality stems from the pride they take in their country.

Costa Rica is not only beautiful, it's also one of the most stable democratic countries in the world. It has the oldest Constitution in Latin America and has no military, and therefore no on going conflicts. It abolished its military in 1948 and the abolition of its military is even written into its Constitution. As a symbol of its commitment to culture and society, it transformed it's military barracks in San Jose into its National Museum.


Nestled between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans it has beautiful Pacific and Caribbean beaches.  Visitors primarily come here to pay respect to Costa Rica's natural beauty underscored by its towering mountains, waterfalls, deep jungles, volcanoes and rain-forests. World famous for its lush rain-forests, majestic volcanoes, underwater marvels, jungle trails, craggy mountain chains, Costa Rica has endless miles of pristine coastline, thousands of species of wildlife and weather that is described as "eternal spring" with temperatures averaging 78 degrees. Costa Rica is one of the world's most desirable destinations. This "Switzerland of the Americas" is noted for its non-military government, stable economy and peace-loving people.

For anyone lucky enough to live in Costa Rica, it offers a wide variety of activities. It has dedicated more that a quarter of its country to National Parks, National Reserves, Biological Protected areas, etc. Despite its tiny size, it has a greater biodiversity than in the USA and Europe combined, containing 5% of global biodiversity. It is renowned for its surfing, white-water rafting, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, bird watching, hiking and hundreds of other activities. It has secured its natural heritage with national parks and wildlife reserves and has embraced Eco-Tourism as an economic focus, making it's Tourism sector as important to its economy as its agriculture sector.



Costa Rica has prepared for the economic and tourism growth by appointing a Minister of Tourism, building dozens of new hotels and improving road construction to popular tourist destinations. With first world infrastructure, it has developed with visionary sustainability initiatives. By abolishing its armed forces it was able to invested heavily in healthcare, infrastructure and education. As a result, Costa Rica boasts a literacy rate and a life expectancy that rivals most Western European countries.

Costa Rica's history of democracy and peace, unique location, proximity to United States, its people, and natural resources have created an ideal getaway. For these reasons, many prestigious companies such as Intel and Procter & Gamble, among many others, along with private investors, find it attractive to invest here. Through industry, tourism, investment and retirement, people are no longer looking at Boca Raton, Florida. The new off shore retirement and investment haven is Costa Rica.

President Luis Guillermo Solis states, "We've been growing at a 4.5% for the last couple of years investment growth has held stead, no inflation in over 2 years, and tourism is rising." This is the highest growth in all of Latin America.

"The democracy in Costa Rica, the strong adherence to the rule of law in a country that is pretty secure, all of this means that we have a very adequate environment to come and develop," Solis said in a telephone interview. "We are ready for business."


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