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Experience and Reputation Where it Counts

Vista Samara's is being brought to you by the same developing firm that brought you Montaña Sámara; one of Samara's largest, oldest, most established and reputable real estate development; The Palmares Dos Group.

The Palmares Dos Group has been investing and developing in Costa Rica for over 17 years; 10 years in Samara alone. Prior to developing Vista Samara and Montaña Sámara the group had been the sole contractor for other land developments in many other areas including other parts of Costa Rica and the U.S.

For years it has worked in excavation in some of the country's toughest terrain, putting in infrastructure and constructing homes.  It has over 15 years of experience constructing homes in Costa Rica's very specific conditions.

Licensed in the U.S. over 35 years ago, the group's senior broker has decades of experience and nearly 2 decades of working in the Costa Rican real estate market.

Both the company and our developments are well known and highly regarded by local business and real estate firms as well as by many expats in Samara and throughout the country.  Most people in the industry are aware of our work and know about our A+ rating.  We have developed a very positive and extensive network of professionals all of whom would gladly provide a recommendation, both personal and professional.