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About Vista Sámara

Vista Sámara is located in the mountains just outside of Playa Samara, Costa Rica.  It is in the province of Guancaste. The community of Sámara is cozy and vibrant.  Nestled in a 75 acre Eco-conscious ocean view development, Vista Sámara offers you a sanctuary with astounding natural beauty.

This community is developed with the greatest respect for all things "GREEN" providing a very natural landscape. Every effort has been made to maintain the natural beauty and biodiversity of the area. When complete Vista Sámara will have approximately 50 home sites.  This limited amount of home sites will give the community tons of green areas and patches of forests within its boundaries.  These will be in addition to the forests areas already surrounding us!

Most of the lots in every Phase offer ocean views.   The other home sites offer beautiful primary forest and mountain or valley views. The home sites vary in size from 1 ¼ to about 2.9 acres.

Accessible only thru private roads, Vista Sámara is at the top front part of the mountain range giving you the tranquility you need with the option to get into town easily and quickly for an afternoon cocktail or fresh fruit smoothie and a fantastic dinner out on the town.

There are currently only 9 home sites available as we have only completed Phase I.  This Phase gives you the opportunity to secure you pick of the prime lots while saving you money.  After we sell Phase I out, we will move on to Phase II where we will develop approximately 9 more lots. Lots there will start at $99,000. If you are buying your dream retirement home or second-investment home the automatic increase in your equity is nice but not a big concern, however if you are investing, this is a great opportunity to gain an immediate 30% equity.

Being one of the oldest and most established developers in the area gives us the freedom to price these home site below what comparable properties are selling for. On average we have priced these home sites at least 25% below any current comparable communities so that everybody wins, everybody is happy.

The lowest home sites are at about 200 meters or 650 ft. above sea level and the highest at about 400 meters or 1,400 ft. above sea level. The average night time temperatures are about 11 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the beach just 10 minutes away and we enjoy constant gentle, refreshing, breezes. Playa Sámara , Costa Rica is a special place in the world, something everyone who has ever visited Sámara will attest to, and Vista Sámara is a very special, one of a kind community in paradise.

Through the boom of real estate development in Costa Rica, developing companies have come and gone.  We are one of the oldest most established real estate developers in the region and everything about what we do is solid,well founded and done correctly.   We make sure all the infrastructure is in place BEFORE we start offering properties for sale.  This eliminates one of the biggest risks home buyers face.  We have and provide an abundance of pure mountain water. Our water. extracted from this exact region, was identified as one of the reasons that (Nicoya) where Playa Sámara is, is one of the blue zones of the world. What is a Blue Zone??? A Blue Zone is where people have the longest life expectancy!  So, live long and prosper!