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About Playa Sámara

Located on Costa Rica's Central Pacific Coast, Vista Samara is nestled into the mountains that enclose one of the country's prettiest, widest and safest beaches.  Off the beaten path, it offers all the fun and amenities of a beach town in a tropical country with the infrastructure to accommodate international visitors and tourism without all the hustle and bustle or crowds of tourists.  Samara is a quaint little town with a vibrant mix of long time locals and expats offering a fantastic social life. The beach is a clean, fine sand, horse shoe shaped beach that is rimmed by a coral reef.  This coral reef offers amazing snorkeling, kayaking and other ocean activities while protecting the beach from rough surf, making it a great swimming beach.  It is lined with great restaurants, cafes and chic boutique hotels.


Living The Samara Beach Lifestyle

Samara is a chic beach resort town that offers many hotels, restaurants, bars and discos, yet still gives you the feel and taste of the real Costa Rica. Unlike other resort areas, Samara is still a thriving fishing and farming community, so you will see cowboys and cattle drives, fishing boats returning at sunset with the freshest fish you can buy, roadside stands full of locally grown exotic fruit and other facets of the authentic Costa Rican lifestyle.

Ashley Harrell, writes in Lonely Planet, "The night I moved to Costa Rica an expat in a bar congratulated me. ‘The best part,’ she said, ‘is you can do anything here.’ She wasn’t talking about traveling the entire country, undertaking extreme adventures or attending a Christmas party in a bikini (but yeah, done all that). She meant that people here have the time, freedom and permission to truly live. Want to sleep in a shack and surf constantly? Do it. Want to rescue baby sloths? Somebody has to. I wanted to travel, study wildlife, write and feel alive. Now I do. Pura vida."





With a ton of both outdoor and indoor activities right in your backyard, your Samara Beach lifestyle can be as relaxing or as adventurous as you'd like.  Samara is life affirming and gives you the space and energy to tap into your inner, passionate self.  You can take Spanish, Guitar, Yoga, Meditation and even Art lessons in town and often right on the beach.

Samara Beach has a coral reef that provides the opportunity to snorkel with vibrant tropical fish, sea kayak, or simply enjoy the safe swimming beach it provides.  With it's calm protected waters it's an ideal beach for your kids.  The more exposed northern end makes for a great place to learn to surf with 3 to 7 foot waves and its sandy bottom.  The bay is generally calm and smooth enough for Stand Up Paddle Boarding, but is loved for Wind Surfing as well!

There are Boat Tours for dolphins and whale watching, snorkeling and to tour nearby beaches by sea.  Samara has hosted the International Marlin Tournament and has famous Deep Sea Fishing for Tuna, Red Snapper, Dorados, and many other incredible game fish.