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Costa Rica Weather, When Should You Visit?

The temperature varies little from one time of the year to the other.  Temperatures in December are similar to that region’s temperatures in July.  The major difference throughout the year and seasons is in the amount of rain fall.   December is the dry time of the year.  This coincides with high season for tourism.  The rainiest part of the year is September and October.  The rainy season, even in the middle of it does not mean rain all day every day in every part of Costa Rica.   Thanks to its hundreds of micro-climates, you can either avoid or seek out the rain storms depending on the activities and conditions you prefer.  It is a matter of knowing where and when.  A small example of this is knowing that in San Jose for instance during the rainy season the rains come 3 to 5 times a week between 3PM and 6PM.  During heavy rain cycles in the middle of the rainy season, the rains may start a little earlier and may continue into the night.

Costa Rica has a year round average temperature of 78 degrees, but with its high mountains and numerous beaches it offers the perfect climate for everybody's mood for that day. The capital, San Jose, sits high up in the Central Valley almost 4000 ft. in elevation.  It is surrounded by cloud forests and one of the country's largest National Park; Braulio Carillo National Park.  At that elevation the weather remains relatively temperate probably hovering right around the 78 degree average.  The highest peak in Costa Rica however is over 12,000 ft. and maintains cooler temperatures closer to 60 degrees. The climate down on the beaches of Costa Rica is comfortably warm year round. This is typical of tropical weather patterns. With its warm ocean temperatures, it offers perfect swimming conditions even in the dead of winter making it a perfect winter get away for North Americans.


Even in the rainy season Costa Rica offers a huge range of activities and adventures.  As a matter of fact some of the country’s most popular and natural activities can only be experienced during the rainy season.  Among them; giant Sea Turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs is a once in a lifetime experience that can only be had during the rainy season.  Adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers love to go to Costa Rica during the highest part of the rainy season to experience and conquer Class IV and V white water rapids down one of its many rain forests’ rivers.

Some regions have climates that tend to be drier.  The North Pacific Plains and Coasts are home to large Tropical Dry Forests.  Though this type biome is less biologically diverse than rain-forests, they are home to a wide variety of wildlife including monkeys, deer, large cats, parrots, various rodents, and ground dwelling birds. Mammalian biomass also tends to be higher in these types of forests than it rain forests counterparts.

Climate in Vista Samara

costa-rica-properties-for-saleA neighbor a little lower on the mountain below Vista Samara kept a log of the temperature for 9 months. According to his records his house averaged 9 degrees cooler than down on the beach.  Vista Samara is higher yet then this neighbor so our average temperatures maintain even cooler.  We also get breezes from both the beach and the mountains behind us. This makes for a very comfortable year round climate.  Several of the home owners below have never turned on their air conditioning. The appropriate home design goes a long way towards keeping the home a very comfortable temperature naturally.  We have about a 6 month rainy season and a 6 month drier season. Even in the rainy season you can count on sunny mornings to get out and do things before the afternoon rains. These rains can last a few hours or longer. We get 54 inches of rain per year which is ideal. With the high air circulation and breezes and the lower rain fall it prevents keeps things nice and dry.   Moving further north would place you in a different ecosystem where you have the drier dustier climates and very often droughts.  In this transitional zone (between the very wet and very arid zones,) Nicoya offers a perfect blend and you can grow gardens year around with very little watering even in the dry season.

Thanks to these extreme climate zones, Costa Rica is one of the most exciting countries you can visit:  it is a small country that offers its visitors the freedom to experience multiple habitats in a very short period of time (many times within one day, or even one tour.)  Its wide ranging weather patterns are created by its micro-climates.  You can go from sea level, to 12,000 ft and back again on the other side in a matter of hours.

Visit Costa Rica Now

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