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Views from Vista Samara

Expansive Ocean Views

Vista Samara is located just outside of Samara Beach in Costa Rica.  This gives you the chance to focus on you and your thoughts, or quiet your mind in your own sanctuary surrounded by nature, yet such easy access to the town with it's beach-side (sand as the floor) restaurants, cafes and vibrant night life.

All of these pictures were taken during the dry season.  You can see there is still a lot of green, but this entire area just flourished with a little rain.

Ready to Build

Vista Samara already has the roads, water and electricity on site. Having our infrastructure already in is a huge advantage and piece of mind.

We not only have both water and electricity to the site, we have tons of it!  Vista Samara is nestled in a lush mountain forest, giving our community natural spring water right within our project and is some of the healthiest water in the world. It is one of the contributing factors to Nicoya being one of only 5 blue zones in the entire world. (Blue zones?  Read National Geographic's: What Are Blue Zones? Where the world's healthiest people live. )

We not only have our own water source that generates 100,000 gallons a day, it is our private water company, ensuring its protection.


Our properties are situated anywhere from 750 Ft. in elevation to over 1000 Ft. in elevation. This provides you with fantastic tropical mountain breezes and keeps you 10 to 15 degrees cooler than at the foot of the mountain.

Check out a few more pictures of the views from our lot below, then contact us to arrange a personal tour!